[Moin-user] Suggestion for HelpOnInstalling/InternetInformationServer

ianm at brick.net ianm at brick.net
Mon May 16 18:08:56 EDT 2005

To Whom It May Concern,

As this page is listed as "Immutable," I wanted to make a suggestion for
in the "Installing Python" section.

"Frequently, ActiveState Python will update the PATH variable, but Windows
will not register the change on the command line until you reboot.  To
make a change to the path variable without rebooting, use:

set path=%path%;c:/python24

This will enable you to continue installation of MoinMoin without having
to reboot."

Also, is this the right forum for some setup problems I have?  I am at a
dead end at this point.

Thanks for your time,


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