[Moin-user] ACLs on new created (sub) pages

Ralf Gross Ralf-Lists at RalfGross.de
Wed May 18 03:52:10 EDT 2005


until now we had a very closed user group for our wiki. I used the
following in my wikiconfig.py.

acl_rights_before = u"RalfGross:read,write,delete,revert,admin"
acl_rights_default = 'ValidUserGroup:admin,read,write,delete,revert All:'

Now we have the need to permit read (and sometimes write) access on singel
pages to new users. I accompished that with:

#acl UserFoo:read,write Default

This works, but if the user creates a Link to a new page, he doesn't have
the rights to create this page because he is not listed in the default

I don't see a solution for this problem, the user should have rw access to
some pages and should be able to create and edit the links (new pages) he
added to this pages.

Any ideas?


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