[Moin-user] ACLs on new created (sub) pages

Yusuf Abdulghani yusuf at apple.com
Wed May 18 14:43:44 EDT 2005

I am running into a similar issue. Here is what I want to do with our  

* I have three sets of users: Group1, Group2, and Group3
* I want to provide only read access to Group3
* Group1 has exclusive read/write access to few pages
* Group2 has exclusive read/write access to the rest of the pages  
(not read/write by Group1)
* I don't want to give admin access to any members of the Groups to  
prevent accidental opening of permissions from one group to another
* Allow the users to create new pages using "NewPage" macro

The only way to get this to work, is to create three wikis:
1. Pages which can be read/write by all groups
2. Wiki where pages are exclusively read/write by Group1 (other group  
has no access)
3. Wiki where pages are exclusively read/write by Group2

Finally tie these pages together via "FrontPage" to the Common wiki  
(option 1)

Is there any other way?

Thanks for your help.


On May 18, 2005, at 3:50 AM, Ralf Gross wrote:

> Hi,
> until now we had a very closed user group for our wiki. I used the
> following in my wikiconfig.py.
> acl_rights_before = u"RalfGross:read,write,delete,revert,admin"
> acl_rights_default = 'ValidUserGroup:admin,read,write,delete,revert  
> All:'
> Now we have the need to permit read (and sometimes write) access on  
> singel
> pages to new users. I accompished that with:
> #acl UserFoo:read,write Default
> This works, but if the user creates a Link to a new page, he  
> doesn't have
> the rights to create this page because he is not listed in the default
> acl.
> I don't see a solution for this problem, the user should have rw  
> access to
> some pages and should be able to create and edit the links (new  
> pages) he
> added to this pages.
> Any ideas?
> Ralf
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