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Tom Cloyd tomcloyd at bestmindhealth.com
Fri May 20 11:57:22 EDT 2005

I'm keeping very careful notes as I go this time, so I can see where it is  
that things get intolerably difficult. I think I've found it:


This is simply a mess, for me, a Windows user. I'm getting about half of  
it. Maybe. If you want to limit use of this software to computer science  
students (upperclass) or professionals, this is the file that will do the  
trick, I think.

I'm now three hours into this, and I still haven't got a wiki, or any  
sense that I'm close, which I hope I am.

I'm at this paragraph:

"Collect some important information

This is where the instructions differ according to the web server and  
operating system you use, and whether you are the administrator or a  
simple user. See the appropriate pages for your web server and operating  
system combination."

WHAT appropriate pages? OS documentation? MoinMoin documentation? I have  
no idea. This is at least the third time on this page that there has been  
a reference to pages elsewhere, a reference that is so nonspecific as to  
be useless.

At this point I'm skipping whole lot of stuff, as it seems likely not to  
apply to me.

I'm looking at the wikiconfig.py file, as I think I have everything else  
right (optimism at work).

OK, again skipping optimistically through a bunch of strange stuff  
(skimming it actually), I now try my moin.py sitting in the root of my  
instance. I get a DOS window which opens quickly and then closes. Very  
edifying. Something's wrong, but as usual I'm not going to get to see what.

Guys, this simply doesn't work. This is the craziest install I've ever  

Any help you can give me beside 'take a hike'. I can't believe this is the  
best we can do on this.

Any help gratefully accepted.

-- t.

Tom Cloyd
Bellingham, Washington, U.S.A: (360) 920-1226
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