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greg whittier gregwh at gmail.com
Fri May 20 14:17:19 EDT 2005

You might try http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/DesktopEdition although I
haven't used it personally.  Also, I found the installation
instructions that came with the download more helpful than the web

Don't give up. It's definitely worth it.  I guess we need to start
editing the installation pages!


On 5/20/05, Tom Cloyd <tomcloyd at bestmindhealth.com> wrote:
> I'm keeping very careful notes as I go this time, so I can see where it is
> that things get intolerably difficult. I think I've found it:
> http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/HelpOnInstalling/WikiInstanceCreation
> This is simply a mess, for me, a Windows user. I'm getting about half of
> it. Maybe. If you want to limit use of this software to computer science
> students (upperclass) or professionals, this is the file that will do the
> trick, I think.
> I'm now three hours into this, and I still haven't got a wiki, or any
> sense that I'm close, which I hope I am.
> I'm at this paragraph:
> "Collect some important information
> This is where the instructions differ according to the web server and
> operating system you use, and whether you are the administrator or a
> simple user. See the appropriate pages for your web server and operating
> system combination."
> WHAT appropriate pages? OS documentation? MoinMoin documentation? I have
> no idea. This is at least the third time on this page that there has been
> a reference to pages elsewhere, a reference that is so nonspecific as to
> be useless.
> At this point I'm skipping whole lot of stuff, as it seems likely not to
> apply to me.
> I'm looking at the wikiconfig.py file, as I think I have everything else
> right (optimism at work).
> OK, again skipping optimistically through a bunch of strange stuff
> (skimming it actually), I now try my moin.py sitting in the root of my
> instance. I get a DOS window which opens quickly and then closes. Very
> edifying. Something's wrong, but as usual I'm not going to get to see what.
> Guys, this simply doesn't work. This is the craziest install I've ever
> seen.
> Any help you can give me beside 'take a hike'. I can't believe this is the
> best we can do on this.
> Any help gratefully accepted.
> -- t.
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