[Moin-user] strange linking behavior

Tom Cloyd tomcloyd at bestmindhealth.com
Thu May 26 18:57:57 EDT 2005

I'm now creating RST pages, but having trouble linking to them. The link I  
create seem to parse just fine, but when I activate the link I get a "This  
page does not exist yet...." page. Using the link on that page to create  
the page, what comes onscreen is the page to which I'm trying to link  
(which certain does exist), in edit mode.

This behavior doest NOT happen when trying to link to "#format wiki" or  
"#format html" pages!

I've tried to figure this out but am frankly stumped. Any suggestions?

-- t.

Tom Cloyd
Bellingham, Washington, U.S.A: (360) 920-1226
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