[Moin-user] Error editing any pages

Yusuf Abdulghani yusuf at apple.com
Fri May 27 12:08:51 EDT 2005


I just moved my pages from one location in my account to another  
location and changed the ownership on all the pages to  
"username:www". And now I get this error message (along with the  
entire function trace) whenever I try to edit any pages (either  
rename or edit):

CouldNotLock: Page could not get locked. Missing 'current' file?
       __doc__ = None
       __getitem__ = <bound method CouldNotLock.__getitem__ of  
<MoinMoin.PageEditor.CouldNotLock instance>>
       __init__ = <bound method CouldNotLock.__init__ of  
<MoinMoin.PageEditor.CouldNotLock instance>>
       __module__ = 'MoinMoin.PageEditor'
       __str__ = <bound method CouldNotLock.__str__ of  
<MoinMoin.PageEditor.CouldNotLock instance>>
       __unicode__ = <bound method CouldNotLock.__unicode__ of  
<MoinMoin.PageEditor.CouldNotLock instance>>
       message = u"Page could not get locked. Missing 'current' file?"

Any suggestions to fix this problem?



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