[Moin-user] Individual moin user and svn?

Eric jonas at cortical.mit.edu
Sun May 29 11:02:10 EDT 2005

Hello! I'd love to start using moin 1.3 as a sort of electronic lab
notebook, but I was curious if I can integrate it with my subversion
repository, which I already use for my data and code. Is it possible to
just version moin's "data" directory with something like svn? Have
people run into any problems with this approach should they need to

Also, I would need to run/access the wiki on three different machines --
home, laptop, and lab. This would mean periodically updating the "data"
directory with a "svn update" as a method of synchronization. Have
people done this, and is there any chance that the moin data files are
easy to merge? 


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