[Moin-user] Re: long lines

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Sun May 29 23:30:28 EDT 2005

> > How can I split a long line for input?  I had expected that a
> > trailing backslash character does this, but apparently this isn't
> > true.  I could find any entry in the moinmoin wiki...
> There is currently no support in the syntax for this feature. You
> could patch the parser (parser/wiki.py) to support it, though.

I had a quick look, thanks, but my knowledge of the wiki code is too
limited to add this -- additionally, it isn't a trivial patch in case
you want to preserve correct line numbers for error messages.

Thus I ask you to add `\' as a line continuation.  It is extremely
ugly and error prone to be forced to use overlong lines -- something
which is not used normally in the UNIX world.


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