[Moin-user] non-breakable space

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Mon May 30 03:08:47 EDT 2005

>   I overcame this problem, by using the [[nbsp]] macro from the
> DavisWiki.org team:
> import re
> Dependencies = []
> def execute(macro, args):
>     return macro.formatter.rawHTML(' ')

Looks nice, thanks!  As a complete novice I wonder how I can add this
easily.  Well, I'll check the docs and come back to you if I still
have problems.

Anyway, I really hope that an easy method to enter a non-breakable
space is added to MoinMoin.

BTW, where can I find a webpage which compares the different wiki
flavours, listing the pros and cons?  Personally, I find it a pity
that there is so much diversion.


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