[Moin-user] Braces within braces within braces...

Brendan Boesen brendan.boesen at locatacorp.com
Wed Nov 2 16:05:17 EST 2005

Hi All,

I've just started using MoinMoin for our internal development wiki.
Please forgive me if the following is a stupid question (and I'm 
sort of hoping it is because then the solution to my problem will
be an easy one! ;-)

An issue that I've come across (and a minor one at that), is
how triple-braces are handled _inside_ a code block or 'special' code
block.  The perfect example is trying to document the use of special
code blocks.  eg:
This is some **emphasized** restructured text.
Unless I format the second-last set of braces with a space between
one of them, I get a weird result.

(A similar problem occurs in code blocks on the same line but I
now realise that can be avoided by escaping the whole block. 
eg: `{{{code}}}`)

Incidentally, I tried to work around this by using the unicode
equivalent for a brace but I couldn't seem to get unicode
characters to work - the & kept getting replaced with ampersand
replaced with ampersand-amp-semicolon.  Unfortunately, this
would be the easiest way to solve my problem...

I played around with the code a bit and found a way to solve the
problem by counting braces.  Unfortunately, it behaves oddly
when there's a mismatch between the number of opening and 
closing brace sets, so myabe that implies it's not really a good 

Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I should handle this?



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