[Moin-user] Login confusion behind proxy

Todd O'Bryan toddobryan at mac.com
Sun Nov 13 14:40:01 EST 2005

I'm trying to use a MoinMoin wiki for some classes I teach, but  
either there's a configuration problem in our proxy or MoinMoin has  
trouble with requests from what seem to be the same IP address.

Here's the symptom I'm seeing:

Suzy will log in from her computer and will be able to see pages as  
Johnny will log in from his computer and will appear to be logged in  
as Suzy.

The problem is likely related to the fact that all traffic from  
school goes out through an HTTP proxy server that I have no control  
over, so it appears that all requests are coming from the same  
computer, when, in fact, there are 400 different computers behind the  
proxy. Another possibility could be that our proxy is inappropriately  
caching pages and not realizing that it should get different results  
for the same IP address (though I haven't had this happen on other  
sites with login, so it could be that MoinMoin is reporting an  
inappropriate last-changed time and is encouraging the proxy to serve  
the cached version with the wrong person logged in).

Any ideas how to fix this? Obviously, when who someone is logged in  
as changes sporadically, it's a little hard to make things work  


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