[Moin-user] Simple site customisations

Paul Moore p.f.moore at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 03:30:01 EST 2005

I'd like to do some simple customisations for our Wiki site (just
upgrading to 1.5 beta 3). I expect all our users to be working with
the "Modern" (default) theme.

I'd rather keep the customisations local to the instance, mainly so
that they get backed up and migrated along with the instance, and not
lost when I upgrade to 1.5 final...

What I want to do is pretty minor, so I'm not keen on creating a whole
new theme just for this. I can if I have to, but is there any way of
just adding an instance-specific stylesheet, which gets included after
the theme style, but before user-specific stylesheets?

Assuming not, I guess I'll have to make a theme. It's not hard, but
again, is there a way of installing a theme just for the instance,
rather than having to modify the installed MoinMoin package?

(And if neither of these is possible, could they be considered as
feature requests? I guess it's too late for 1.5, unfortunately...)


PS As far as I can tell, 1.5 beta 3 doesn't include a logo file (beta
1 had the halloween logo, but the new logo seems to be missing from
beta 3). Have I missed it?

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