[Moin-user] Login confusion behind proxy

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed Nov 16 09:50:00 EST 2005

> I'm trying to use a MoinMoin wiki for some classes I teach,

Which moin version?

> there's a configuration problem in our proxy or MoinMoin has trouble 
> with requests from what seem to be the same IP address.

We use nocache and some other headers to avoid that, so the proxy 
shouldnt cache pages when you're logged in.

> Suzy will log in from her computer and will be able to see pages as 
> appropriate.
> Johnny will log in from his computer and will appear to be logged in as 
> Suzy.

Either you use some rather old moin version that has a bug in that area 
(maybe try with 1.3.5 or even 1.5.0-beta3 or later) or your proxy is 

> The problem is likely related to the fact that all traffic from school 
> goes out through an HTTP proxy server that I have no control over, so it 
> appears that all requests are coming from the same computer, when, in 
> fact, there are 400 different computers behind the proxy.

That should not be a problem when moin and your proxy are both 
well-behaved, but that doesn't seem the case here. It is not related to 
the single IP address of your proxy, but your proxy caches stuff it 
should not cache. Maybe check also the MOIN_ID cookie for both users.

greetings, Thomas

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