[Moin-user] Lupy Retired

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed Nov 16 09:58:03 EST 2005

> I saw this on the DIVMOD home page for lupy :

Yes, saw that, too.

> The Lupy project has been RETIRED! For full-text indexing and search
> we recommend Xapwrap or PyLucene instead.
> Should MoinMoin consider an alternative search engine?

Currently there is neither lupy nor something else external active by 
default, but simply the built-in non-indexed search.

If (and only if) the lupy code gets to a usable state until 1.5 RC 
phase, we will have lupy in 1.5 release.

I had a fast look at the proposed alternatives, but I am definitely not 
happy with some Java stuff wrapped by some strange wrapper to make it 
callable from python.

I am open for other alternatives, especially platform-independent 
pythonic stuff.

BTW, it is no problem if lupy is not developped any more if (and only 
if) it works for us.

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