[Moin-user] Merging wikis

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Fri Nov 18 11:06:00 EST 2005

At work we have three smallish Moin-based wikis that predate our larger
Moin-based intranet.  This creates problems for a couple reasons:

    1. The three smaller wikis all use authentication at the Apache level to
       restrict access to a subset of all users.  This double-login setup is
       confusing to many/most users.

    2. The four wikis are administratively independent.  For example, I
       recently added the LaTeX parser/macro kit to one of them, but not the
       others.  It's probably just a few cp or ln commands to set it up in
       the other three, but having just a single wiki would make adding this
       sort of stuff even easier.

    3. The four more-or-less independent wikis all require separate profiles
       to be set up for each user.  A number of people need access to more
       than one wiki.

    4. When I upgrade Moin I have to do parts of the upgrade four times.

I'd like to merge the smaller wikis into the overall intranet but retain the
capability to prevent access as necessary.  I can use Apache rewrite rules
to provide a seamless transition from the URL perspective.  I can live with
the existing Apache authentication if need be, but it would be better if I
could avoid that and use Moin ACLs to limit access instead.  Obvious

    1. If the smaller wikis are WikiOne, WikiTwo and WikiThree, is it
       possible to easily convert all their pages into subpages (and
       probably subsubpages) of the general intranet?

    2. Can I tweak the page creation process so that when someone creates a
       new subpage in one of the smaller wikis, say http://www/Intranet/
       WikiOne/NewPage, an ACL for the appropriate group is automatically

           #acl WikiOneGroup: read,write,delete,revert,admin All:
    3. Is there any support for merging user profiles from one wiki into
       another?  For example, if Clyde has profiles in the Intranet and on
       WikiTwo and is subscribed to changes to the DesignElements page of
       WikiTwo, it would be nice if after the merge he was automatically
       subscribed to changes to the WikiTwo/DesignElements subpage.

I can understand if something like this hasn't been done before, and am
willing to devote some effort to the process, but I thought I'd check for
advice and pre-existing work first.


Skip Montanaro
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