[Moin-user] IE css headaches

Michael Matthews mjmatthews1 at rcn.com
Sat Nov 19 14:44:04 EST 2005

Unfortunately most of my users will be using IE 6. I have created my own 
theme from modern. Mostly just changing some colors and font sizes. 
After doing this navibar floats over page as commented in modern screen.css:

#navibar {
    clear: both;  /* problem: clear: right; aligns nicely right of logo,
                    but lets it float high in the header, disconnected 
from ground */

Well it floats.

Actually there are other IE minor annoyances:

Logo is framed with ugly color that can't be changed.

IE ignores color setting but recognizes bold in imported modern file.

#navibar li.current a {
    color: #ffffff;

Firefox works as expected.

Is there anyway to fix this or do I have to live with it?


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