[Moin-user] problems installing via ftp

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Sun Nov 27 09:54:03 EST 2005

> * renaming the script from moin.cgi to moin.py should not be important
> or necessary or right?

That maybe depends on web server configuration, how it handles different 
extensions. Make sure that content is like in our moin.cgi (the moin.py 
we deliver is the standalone server, no cgi). Make sure owner/group/mode 
is correct, sys.path is correct, 1st line is correct.

> * what would the right test-path be. /moin.cgi if the script is in the top dir?

Yes. It depends on server config whether you may execute cgi from there 
or not. Often only /cgi-bin/ works for CGIs.

> * do I have to delete farmconfig.py not to confuse the script (I was
> considering making more than one Wiki on this server)

Either have a CORRECT farmconfig.py or have None (and use wikiconfig.py 
for you single wiki's config). Both works.

> * is it really possible to install Moin without a ScriptAlias

You just need to execute the cgi and have a correct setup, that is all 
needed. As long as it says 404, it didn't even find it. When it starts 
saying 500 or even works, you are one step further.

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