[Moin-user] simpler create pages with the correct acl

solo turn soloturn at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 10:59:01 EDT 2005


thanks a lot for the great work with moinmoin. we use it everywhere and are
very happy with it. but a few questions i could not solve by searchin the
moinmoin website:

* "category groups" or "hierarchical groups"
we'd like to tell moinmoin that a group a belongs to group c and d. and
group b belongs to groups c and e. when setting an acl we just want to
specify group c with edit right. this should allow members of a and b to
edit. is this possible?

* acl on categories
is it possible to specify an acl on a category? the effect should be that
category right is applied to the page too.

* personal/group page templates, language dependent
currently every group wants to specify templates, mainly to have the correct
access rights set. this has the drawback, that we get a lot of similar
templates, and nobody knows any more which one to use. it gets even worse if
we add language specific templates.
how could we present only the "relevant" tempates, i.e.
* his personal/group templates
* global templates
* just the ones with his preferred language
* plus the ones from the language of the predecessing page with empty
wikiword which the user now want to fill out.
how could we do that?

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