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Sat Oct 8 16:45:21 EDT 2005


I'm currently trying to include image in my text. I run a Desktop wiki and I
did not add any plugin yet.
I would like the image display at the right of the page, and the rest of the
place used by the text.
When I use the attachement function of my moinmoin, I write

My text before
My text after

The image is correctly inserted but as it does not take the whole width, I
have some blank space in the page.
In wikipedia very often they insert image in the right or left of the page
and use the rest of the width to write text.
They use some syntax like:
[[Image:Magellan'sVoyage.jpg|thumb|right|300px|[[Magellan]]'s voyage to the
Spice Islands led to Limasawa, [[Cebu]], [[Mactan]], [[Palawan]],
[[Brunei]], [[Celebes]] and finally to the [[Spice Islands]] ( Zoom in for
detail here: {{coor dm|0|47|N|127|22|E|}} ) ]]

Thansk for your support

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