[Moin-user] color text

Hyungyong Kim yong27 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 17:07:33 EDT 2005

I'm using the macro for color text.

[[Color(blue:Hello World!)]] or [[Color(#8844aa:Hello World!)]]

My macro is as follow:

yong27 at bhn:/home/moin/bhn/plugin/macro$ cat Color.py
def execute(macro, args):
        color, text = args.split(':')
        return args
    return """<font color="%s">%s</font>"""%(color,text)

I wish it helps you.

2005/10/10, hpvpl <va.planat at gmail.com>:
> I've search for a way to color the text of my Desktop moinmoin wiki. Have
> for example bold text in red, or italic in blue etc ..
>  All the references I get are related to tables. But nowhere something to
> color just part of a text in a paragraph. Is it supported ?
>  Thanks again

Hyungyong Kim,

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