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solo turn soloturn at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 10:35:40 EDT 2005

in case you actually use the backup for restore, what does it mean in the
worst case? you have a deleted page?

does it also mean that moin does not keep the order:
1. copy the page to old version
2. edit the revision history
3. save the new page

which in worst case would just have a revision too much in revision history,
but not yet the new page (i.e. you loose your changes, and saving again
corrects the revision history).


On 10/7/05, Nir Soffer <nirs at actcom.net.il> wrote:
> On 7 Oct, 2005, at 20:09, solo turn wrote:
> >
> > i was wondering if moinmoin supports hot-backup? i.e. you can copy
> > the contents of a wiki while in operation to somewhere else and it is
> > consistent. maximum loss of the last change of a page would be
> > acceptable.
> In most cases a backup will work with no problem, in rare cases you may
> have problems, because edit or backup operations are not atomic.
> You may backup a page that its current revision is 1, and then a user
> might save revision 2, and update the current file after you copied it.
> You will be left with a page that points to revision 1.
> Or you may backup revision 2 of a page, and then a user save revision
> 3, and you copy the current file after the save, so you have a page
> that point to revision 3 which you did not copy. Such page is
> considered a deleted page.
> The next backup should fix any problem in the previous backup.
> Best Regards,
> Nir Soffer
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