[Moin-user] Macro caching

Antonios Christofides anthony at itia.ntua.gr
Mon Oct 10 11:00:31 EDT 2005

Hi, I have the following tricky problem.  I need the missing page to

    Page not found.  Since we have recently reworked our web site, it
    is possible that the page you are looking for is at

    [And the usual stuff about create new page, templates, like pages

In order to be able to get the /path/of/this/request, I wrote a macro
which gets it from macro.request.request_uri.  The macro does work,
but its result is being cached, so its result is something like
"MissingPage#preview" or so.  How can I avoid that?  The default
MissingPage contains a couple of other macros, that are not cached.

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