[Moin-user] Special RSS for a certain page

Antonios Christofides anthony at itia.ntua.gr
Tue Oct 11 07:28:21 EDT 2005

Antonios Christofides wrote:
> I have page Foo, and I want to create RSS from it.  Specifically, I'd
> want, say, the following:
> 1. Page Foo.rss to return rss by running a custom script that will
>    provide the rss from the source of page Foo.
> 2. Page Foo to contain the appropriate <link rel="alternate"...>
>    header to point to Foo.rss.

I think I can do (2) by processing instructions, and if the
functionality is not already there I can add a custom #pragma to the

> As an alternative to (1), I could do with somehow triggering a script
> to run upon update of Foo.

I think I can achieve this by creating a macro that executes the RSS
creation script.  I hope macro caching will cause the macro to not
execute on every page viewing; if it does occasionally run unneeded,
it's no big deal.

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