[Moin-user] Editing the Edit Page

Hiers, Richard Richard.Hiers at covenantseminary.edu
Tue Oct 11 07:40:19 EDT 2005

I tried to make changes to PageEditor as mentioned below, but any
changes I make result in errors in the wiki. 

If I just add a couple letters to one of the existing lines (make
"Tables" "Tableses", then when I edit a page, the formatting tips become
plain text.  I can see all the [[Verbatim]] code, for example.

If I try to add an additional tip line (under tables), even if it is
just an exact duplicate of the Lists tip, then instead of the edit page,
I get a big ugly "SyntaxErrorinvalid syntax (PageEditor.py, line 442)"

What am I missing?


>It's possible to make changes here by hacking on the
MoinMoin.PageEditor module 
>directly, which is what I ended up doing since I don't have  time to
play with and
>contribute to the CVS head right now, though I think I see how
something simple
>could be worked out for the help text.
>The MoinMoin.PageEditor module has a string literal in the
>sendEditor() method; that's the place to make changes for now.  In my
case, my 
>wiki isn't using the classic markup by default, so I simply wrapped the
help text 
>generation with an 'if self.cfg.default_markup == "wiki"' condition.

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