[Moin-user] Language Preference for guests

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed Oct 12 09:09:35 EDT 2005

>   I am running my MoinMoin Wiki on a Windows 2000 box
> in my company's Intranet. It's running fine except
> that it always uses simpified chinese instead of
> traditional chinese which Hong Kong people get used
> to. 

I think this might be a bug (a quite old one), the language detection 
doesn't work correctly for such cases.

Maybe file a bug about that (if there isn't already one) so we don't 
forget to fix it.

>   Knowing that MoinMoin will automatically choose
> language base on the browser setting, could anyone
> kindly tell me how can I set zh-tw to default no
> matter what setting the client browser is.

I think there might be no easy fix for it, except maybe removing zh from 
MoinMoin/i18n/meta.py (that disables zh completely).

Try it.

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