[Moin-user] FullSearch macro

Cedric BRINER work at infomaniak.ch
Fri Oct 14 01:57:04 EDT 2005


I'm strongly using the CategoryFields. So I used them as keys. My problems come from the fullsearch macro. Because it search for strings and catch even the parameters of other macros.

for eg.
at my work, people belongs to groups (research, system, administration...)

so for each person I have a homepage:

   lets' introduce myself,... blah, blah
   CategoryHomepage CategoryPeople CategorySystem

and then in the WikiPage System, I'd like to give a list of every people who belongs to this group

   this is the list of the people working in the group:
*  [[FullSearch(CategoryPeople CategorySystem)]]


but unfortunately the FullSearch macro catch also the page SystemGroup, because of the FullSearch parameters at the line (*).
and so on...

so I thought that the best will be that FullSearch will do a fullsearch except on the parameters gived to macros. something like

which will not catch parameters inside the FullSearch Macro

or which will not catch anything in a macro

what about it ?


Geneva - Switzerland

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