[Moin-user] installing a parser

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Fri Oct 14 09:21:13 EDT 2005

> relatively new to MoinMoin here.  I like it a lot. I'm using the beta 
> (1.3.4).  I've also installed twisted.

1.3.4 was released long ago and even 1.3.5, too.

If you want to run something unreleased, use 1.5 :)

> I am trying to install the html parser so I can get more control over 
> tables and am having trouble doing that.  I thought I could just drop 
> the html.py code into both the moin and mywiki parser directories. That 
> doesn't work.  I notice that I have an html.py but no html.pyc at this 
> point so I'm guessing it's never calling the code. 

Or it has no write rights as the web server user.

> Is there some registration or configuration change I need to do?  I 
> can't find any real discussion on how to install this sort of thing.  
> Oh, I have seen sort discussion that some versions are different in that 
> they are using a 'write' statement vs a 'print' statement.

request.write for outputting stuff and using the formatter for 
formatting stuff is the way to go.

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