[Moin-user] Unable to stop this cretin

Nir Soffer nirs at actcom.net.il
Mon Oct 17 07:40:45 EDT 2005

Very annoying, but antispam works for other people.

I suggest making the wiki editable only to known users as a temporary 
     acl_rights_default = 'Known:read,write,revert,delete All:read'

And if the spammer register and continue, set it to:
     acl_rights_default = 'EditorsGroup:read,write,revert,delete 

And list your trusted user names to the page EditorsGroup.

Then the best solution will be to investigate why antispam does not 
work on your system, since it seems that no other developer has time 
for this now.

On 17 Oct, 2005, at 16:07, skip at pobox.com wrote:

> The last three mornings I have awakened to something like 200 new 
> pages and
> a handful of changed pages on the Mojam Wiki filled with the usual 
> crap.  I
> added a number of regular expressions to LocalBadContent:
>     http://orca.mojam.com/mojamwiki/LocalBadContent
> and manually reverted all changes and deleted all new crappy pages.  
> That
> didn't help.  Sunday I awoke to a similar mess.  I couldn't figure out 
> why
> the changes had been allowed.  I double-checked LocalBadContent, 
> reverted
> the changes, then routed his network to the loopback address.  This 
> morning,
> it's the same thing.  Of course, he approached from a different 
> network, so
> I've routed that network to the bit bucket as well.  Today I simply 
> reverted
> the few changed pages and deleted all the new page directories instead 
> of
> manually deleting each new page through the we.  I just don't have the 
> time.
> I suspect I will wake up to the same crap tomorrow.
> I can't uncomment the security policy setting in wikiconfig.py (is that
> required to use LocalBadContent?) because I get a traceback whenever I 
> try
> to change a page if it's enabled.  (I filed a bug report on the 
> MoinMoin
> wiki about this.)
> I'm using 1.3.5.  Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
> Thanks,
> -- 
> Skip Montanaro
> Katrina Benefit Concerts: http://www.musi-cal.com/katrina
> skip at pobox.com
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Best Regards,

Nir Soffer

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