[Moin-user] Unable to stop this cretin

Nir Soffer nirs at actcom.net.il
Mon Oct 17 08:40:21 EDT 2005

This souds like common situation, you want to allow only some users to 
edit parts of the wiki, and you want to make it easy for new users to 
register when they try to edit the protected parts.

Please open a feature request for this.

On 17 Oct, 2005, at 17:34, skip at pobox.com wrote:

> Thanks, I've done that.  Is it possible to get a more helpful message 
> than
>     You are not allowed to edit this page.
> when people who aren't logged in try to create pages?  I do have a
> potentially boundless supply of page creators, mostly musicians or 
> their
> representatives (that is, not propeller heads like us).  They will 
> come from
> the main Mojam site.  In essence, I'm automatically creating the wiki 
> page
> links for the yet-to-be-created pages.  They follow them then create 
> the
> page.  I need some way to tell them nicely (as early as possible) that 
> they
> need to create a userid on the wiki.  Perhaps 1.5 will be structured a 
> bit
> differently so I can customize that initial edit page?

Best Regards,

Nir Soffer

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