[Moin-user] Discussion/Comments and section editing?

Arp moin.askthem at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 11:27:48 EDT 2005

Hi All,

I'm a total MoinMoin and Python newbie, did spend a few days reading
and trying out stuff, and it seems MoinMoin has a lot to offer -
especially the modularity is appealing.

As I'm at the moment only evaluating _if_ MoinMoin might fit my
purposes maybe some of you can answer my questions faster than I can
figure it out.

I'm looking into using a Wiki (MoinMoin?) for a community website to
share ideas for educational materials. This will have to be a very
internationally oriented project that heavily relies on images (and
other media) as well as text. I want people to be able to present a
model  or idea for some learning aide on one page and then have a
discussion/comment page with that and possibly in the end a whole pile
of translated versions of the initial page.

After the community effort has 'finalized' a page and various experts
have condoned that the contents are valid and of acceptable quality a
page should be locked for editing (but the discussion page with it
should stay open). I know this is not the true WikiWay but at the
moment we feel we need the safeguard to insure quality of content as
it's all aimed at training medical students and we don't want some
cretins to mess with their heads at the cost of future patients.

This means we will also probably want a possibility to have a header
on each page that states something like "Accepted Version" or "Work In
Progress" - this header should _not_ be editable by those who
contribute new content while the page is still being worked on.

So here are some initial questions:

* I've found the 'include' example to include a seperate discussion
page at the bottom of the 'article' page. However I would rather have
the 'article' clean for copy/print purposes and have
discussion/comment on a seperate page linked through an extra Tab next
to 'Edit' or such (much like Wikipedia).
- Possible?  Easy/Medium/Hard?  Needs: JustMarkup/PythonHacking

* Possibly related: will it be possible/easy to have one other tab
with an index page to all translated versions.
- Possible?  Easy/Medium/Hard?  Needs: JustMarkup/PythonHacking

* Will it be possible to have a 'locked' header with displayable
content on otherwise editable pages other than throug an
include/subpage combination or so?
- Possible?  Easy/Medium/Hard?  Needs: JustMarkup/PythonHacking

* Each image/attachment on a page should get it's own linked subpage
where a larger / higher quality version might be available and where a
discussion on the (improvement of) the image/attachment can be
started. These should however be global pages to be linked to used
from many article pages and their translations (and should possibly
have their own translated/localized versions as in images with text
content or so). It seems a lot is possible with macro's and having all
attachments in a global directory rather than in article subpages.
- Possible?  Easy/Medium/Hard?  Needs: JustMarkup/PythonHacking

Thanks a lot in advance for your input and time !!

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