[Moin-user] Discussion/Comments and section editing?

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed Oct 19 04:01:57 EDT 2005

> discussion/comment page

Moin doesn't have special "comment" pages. We usually use the real page 
to comment or make a subpage /Comments.

> of translated versions of the initial page.

You can use a moin wiki farm (one wiki per language) and interwiki links 
(like En:PageInEnglish) for that. Currently, this is a quite manual method.

> page should be locked for editing (but the discussion page with it
> should stay open).

You can use access control lists for that:
page with #acl All:read
page/Comments with no acl

> This means we will also probably want a possibility to have a header
> on each page that states something like "Accepted Version" or "Work In
> Progress" - this header should _not_ be editable by those who
> contribute new content while the page is still being worked on.

There is currently someone working on code for using moin in a ISO9xxx 
process, who needs "approved" versions of pages, too. Maybe you can use 
his code, search the mm wiki for it.

> * I've found the 'include' example to include a seperate discussion
> page at the bottom of the 'article' page. However I would rather have
> the 'article' clean for copy/print purposes and have
> discussion/comment on a seperate page linked through an extra Tab next
> to 'Edit' or such (much like Wikipedia).
> - Possible?  Easy/Medium/Hard?  Needs: JustMarkup/PythonHacking

Needs an easy modification of a theme. Few lines of python.

> * Possibly related: will it be possible/easy to have one other tab
> with an index page to all translated versions.
> - Possible?  Easy/Medium/Hard?  Needs: JustMarkup/PythonHacking

I am not sure I understand what you want exactly, maybe give an example.

> * Will it be possible to have a 'locked' header with displayable
> content on otherwise editable pages other than throug an
> include/subpage combination or so?
> - Possible?  Easy/Medium/Hard?  Needs: JustMarkup/PythonHacking

There is a possibility to configure some header and footer html in the 
config. Easy, but not sure if that is what you want.

> * Each image/attachment on a page should get it's own linked subpage
> where a larger / higher quality version might be available and where a
> discussion on the (improvement of) the image/attachment can be
> started. These should however be global pages to be linked to used
> from many article pages and their translations (and should possibly
> have their own translated/localized versions as in images with text
> content or so). It seems a lot is possible with macro's and having all
> attachments in a global directory rather than in article subpages.
> - Possible?  Easy/Medium/Hard?  Needs: JustMarkup/PythonHacking

Translation -> wiki farm / interwiki (see above)
For special image features you maybe need to locate an already written 
thing on the market pages or write your own think, not too hard, but 
takes time.

Attachments are always under some specific page, but you should be able 
to link to it from other pages.

You could also link to external images, not stored in the wiki.

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