[Moin-user] inline vs. attached movies, and potential for DoS attacks.

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed Oct 19 04:04:43 EDT 2005

> the moment, I'm using attachment:file.mov to include them. Clicking on 
> this link brings up (in the two browsers I've tried, at least) another 
> browser window that plays the movie back in a movie player.

Moin doesn't open new windows, it is your browser who does that.

> Ideally, I'd like the movie player to appear right in the Moin page, so 
> the user need merely click on the "play" button to view the movie. I 
> seem to recall seeing this sort of thing on other sites, so believe it 
> should be possible at the HTML level.

If you find out how other sites do that, you could write a macro for it.

> Now the DoS attach. I tried the obvious, "inline:file.mov". After this, 
> attempting to view the page resulted in the omission of anything after 
> that entry, but attempting to _edit_ the page, or view page differences, 
> seemed to hang my browser (Safari).  I tried this a couple of times, and 
> then went into my site via terminal and fixed the problem in emacs.

Maybe moin tried to read (and inline) the file as if it was text. X-) I 
have to check that.

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