[Moin-user] Discussion/Comments and section editing?

Craig Johnson CPJohnson at edcon.co.za
Wed Oct 19 04:20:20 EDT 2005

> * Each image/attachment on a page should get it's own linked subpage
> where a larger / higher quality version might be available 
> and where a
> discussion on the (improvement of) the image/attachment can be
> started. These should however be global pages to be linked to used
> from many article pages and their translations (and should possibly
> have their own translated/localized versions as in images with text
> content or so). It seems a lot is possible with macro's and 
> having all
> attachments in a global directory rather than in article subpages.
> - Possible?  Easy/Medium/Hard?  Needs: JustMarkup/PythonHacking

The ImageLink macro by Reimar Bauer will do this manually with the 
appropriate mark-up on the index page.  Your mail suggests that you 
want this to be automatic.  That would be Medium/Hard involving
new Moin extensions.  It seems to me that the requirement is quite 
specialised and would require some coding no matter where you start
from.  Maybe use WikiRPC to generate some pre-canned pages with the 
links already in place.

Both the Gallery macros are quite automatic, but only show the images
in slide-show format.

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