[Moin-user] Running MoinMoin as a Windows service

Paul Moore p.f.moore at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 06:30:47 EDT 2005

This is something I've often wanted to do - to run MoinMoin as a
service under Windows. The twisted server should be doable - there are
a number of recipes available to run Twisted applications as services
- but I thought I'd try setting up the standalone server (perfect for
a personal Wiki).

This is the result. It's a little script using pywin32 to make a
MoinMoin service. Put it alongside your (standalone server) moin.py,
and run moinservice.py install and you're away.

Some minor points:

1. All your paths in moin.py need to be absolute paths - relative
paths won't work, as the current directory of the service won't be
what you think.

2. There's some ugly hacking at the start, to get round some
environment issues with services (signal handling and stdout/stderr).
The need for these could probably be removed by patching the moin
source code - I didn't do that here to make the script standalone. I
can look at creating a patch for Moin if there's any interest.

3. I've tested this with the current Moin 1.5 snapshot. I've checked
the 1.3 source, and it looks like it would work there as well, but I
haven't tested it.

If this is sufficiently useful that it might be worth adding into the
MoinMoin distribution, I have no objections at all...

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