[Moin-user] MoinMoin, twisted, and multiple wikis

Brian Gallew geek+ at cmu.edu
Wed Oct 19 19:31:22 EDT 2005

So, I want to do something that apparently no one has thought of before: 
I want to be able to serve standard websites as well as multiple wikis 
from a single twisted application.  Using mointwisted.py as a starting 
point, I can trivially server a wiki.  Using either mktap or writing 
some simple Python, I can serve websites.  By modifying mointwisted, I 
can pretty easily serve *one* wiki by making it virtual host. 
Unfortunately, serving a 2nd wiki doesn't seem to work right.  What I 
get is the last wiki configured is served off all of the wiki virtual hosts.

Surely I'm not the only person doing this kind of thing?

It seems like I really want to use some spread mechanism and have a 
mointwisted variant serving each wiki via spread to the main server, but 
I don't see how to really make that work, either.  Any hints?

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