[Moin-user] Discussion/Comments and section editing?

Arp moin.askthem at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 23:23:12 EDT 2005

[[ I bodged this reply yesterday by only sending it to Thomas - sorry ]]

This reply is foremost to thank Thomas and Craig for their informative
replies /!\
I'll need some time to play around with it and had to spend most of
today's time on looking for an affordable hosting solution - many
hostingproviders seem to have given up on Python (something about
processor load? - but that's probaly best left for another thread).

Some quick reactions:

> > * Possibly related: will it be possible/easy to have one other tab
> > with an index page to all translated versions.
> > - Possible?  Easy/Medium/Hard?  Needs: JustMarkup/PythonHacking
> I am not sure I understand what you want exactly, maybe give an example.

Something like so (in monobook theme):

|.... article content here ....

where the [translations]-tab would lead to an index/category like page
listing all translations of the page and/or possible dead links to not
yet existing translations for supported languages.

I guess the answer would be same as for my Comments page question
- make /Translations a subpage
- figure out how to hack the theme
- CategoryDoable ;)

Although I'll have to get better understanding of subpages first
(working on that).

I had found the PageComment macro but as it appends the comments to
the page it will probably make for messy printing if one only wants to
print the article - so I figured it'd be nicer in a seperate page/tab.

Thanks so far ... back to playing more with Moin now.

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