[Moin-user] I18N wordlists and memory usage

Arp moin.askthem at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 05:37:33 EDT 2005

On 10/24/05, Thomas Waldmann <tw-public at gmx.de> wrote:
> Maybe this is because perl and php are ugly enough most people don't do
> really big stuff with them. <g>
lol ;o)

> Maybe get a root server so you won't have a whining provider.
> If that's too expensive, get a root server together with some other people.
> What exactly do you want to do with your wiki install? Topics? Expected
> traffic? Expected space usage? Count of wikis?
It's a site for sharing ideas for low-cost educational materials for
skills training during health professions education. Many
less-resourced universities (especially in so called "underdeveloped"
*duh* countries) have trouble aquiering expensive models for their
students to do practical training sessions on and develop brillant
alternatives that cost a few dollars and work just as well as the
multi-$1000 models for sale by specialized companies. We want to offer
a platform/repository for these universities to share their ideas for
models and methods etc.

As this is only a pilot/demo it will still be hard to "guesstimate"
numbers for usage depending on how well the proposal is recieved at a
conference in Vietnam in november. My best guess for the comming 3-6
months will be:
- c.a. 20-100 topic pages with c.a. 1-5MB 'media' load (pix/vids)
average each (50-500MB storage)
- maybe 5-20 visitors/day reading 5-10 pages each (traffic probably <
5GB/mnth but could grow quickly, also depending on savyness of users
when it comes to compressed media formats)

Probably just _one_ wiki, but _very_ internationalized. I don't like
the idea of having a farm with a wiki for every language as I feel it
will incourage the different language threads to quickly grow appart
and make things/ideas harder to track/find.

>You know, we are hosting moin wikis. <g>
Yes, and please believe I considered that, but as you don't allow
other languages than en/de to be used it was a no-go from the start.
Also, as we are probably paying for this from our own pockets for the
first year or so (to give it chance) cost _is_ a factor and I seem to
remember something about 800 Euros/mnth for an offer with ample
That, plus the fact that the law situation in Germany is somwhat
daunting for a site that would be open enough for some lawyers friend
to first upload NastyStuff (tm) and then quickly let his pal send an
"Abmahnung" just to make a quick buck is a headache we don't want.
If the project takes off and if/when we get funding for it, I'll be
sure to route some back to the MoinMoin project too though ;)

I'm beginning to understand that I probably will need full root access
even to get Moin installed properly/efficiently so I'm currently
considering an offer for a Virtual Dedicated Server (on 3GHz/P4) with
4GBdisk, 256MBmem and 50GBtraffic/mnth. I'm most worried about the
256MBmem and can upgrade in steps of 4G/256M to 8GB/512MB, 12G/768 etc
for an extra 10Euro/mnth, but wouldn't mind if I can keep it at the
standard offer.

Any notes on that would be appreciated.

> But again, this is not python related. I can tell you, I also had to
> disable emacswiki on our server due to extremely high cpu load - and
> that is in perl, using much less code than moin.
Thanks for the explanation - I'll probably just have to go for it and
see what happens, after all that is why we call this a pilot/test
period ;o)


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