[Moin-user] single page slide show

solo turn soloturn at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 09:13:00 EDT 2005


i tried single page slide show (downloaded your 0.3 version including
technical theme), and it just works if i change the user preferences to
"technical" style. but if i leave the user theme to "modern" or something
else, it displays the bottom navigation wrong, and it does not switch to
technical. i also tried to install the "theme" macro. no change.

if i try this on your site http://nirs.dyndns.org/fix/SinglePageSlideShow i
do not change any default style and it anyway works out of the box. it
switches to technical layout for the presentation.

what is missing, resp. what did you do additionally? i noticed that if i
press "view source" your page somehow includes "slideshow.css", which mine
does not.

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