[Moin-user] I18N wordlists and memory usage

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Tue Oct 25 09:16:24 EDT 2005

> a platform/repository for these universities to share their ideas for
> models and methods etc.

Hmm, universities usually have good internet connectivity. Couldn't you 
just host some wiki machine there? Or use some of their machines?

> Probably just _one_ wiki, but _very_ internationalized. I don't like
> the idea of having a farm with a wiki for every language as I feel it
> will incourage the different language threads to quickly grow appart
> and make things/ideas harder to track/find.

If you don't have many pages, you can do this in a single wiki using 
some naming convention like PageNameEn PageNameDe etc. - not pretty, but 

> Yes, and please believe I considered that, but as you don't allow
> other languages than en/de to be used it was a no-go from the start.

Ah, ok. Law is a bit of a problem sometimes. Too many bored lawyers here.

> Also, as we are probably paying for this from our own pockets for the
> first year or so (to give it chance) cost _is_ a factor and I seem to
> remember something about 800 Euros/mnth for an offer with ample
> diskspace/bandwith.

That was the upper price for big commercial use, I think yours is rather 
educational. :)

> sure to route some back to the MoinMoin project too though ;)

Thanks. :)

> I'm beginning to understand that I probably will need full root access
> even to get Moin installed properly/efficiently so I'm currently
> considering an offer for a Virtual Dedicated Server (on 3GHz/P4) with
> 4GBdisk, 256MBmem and 50GBtraffic/mnth. I'm most worried about the
> 256MBmem and can upgrade in steps of 4G/256M to 8GB/512MB, 12G/768 etc
> for an extra 10Euro/mnth, but wouldn't mind if I can keep it at the
> standard offer.

256MB should be ok if you don't run much else.

Maybe ask them about CPU resources you get and whether they limit it.

If they limit, you won't have a whining provider (or other people on 
that machine), but you will rather get 3GHz/x cpu power, where x is 
unknown. Make x known.

If they don't limit and you do cpu expensive stuff, there might be 
similar trouble as on standard shared hosting.

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