[Moin-user] I18N wordlists and memory usage

Arp moin.askthem at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 12:52:07 EDT 2005

> Hmm, universities usually have good internet connectivity. Couldn't you
> just host some wiki machine there? Or use some of their machines?
Well, the university where the people with the idea for the site work
has a somewhat restrictive person in charge of IT (plus it's a ms
monoculture which makes it harder for me to run a 'copy' system at
home for testing). Eventually we do hope that there will be enough
enthousiasm though to host it with some big international org - but we
will also have to see how these things work out 'politically', why
it's also a good idea to not have one org/uni 'claim' the project from
the start, and rather be an independant .org/.edu at first.

> If you don't have many pages, you can do this in a single wiki using
> some naming convention like PageNameEn PageNameDe etc. - not pretty, but
> works.
I was thinking subpages myself. It's very comlex material however to
find a good/working convention for naming/finding of articles in a
multilingual environment :(

> Ah, ok. Law is a bit of a problem sometimes. Too many bored lawyers here.
Well, let's put it his way: If I were a lawyer I'd probably set up
shop in D tomorrow ;o)

> 256MB should be ok if you don't run much else.
> Maybe ask them about CPU resources you get and whether they limit it.
Thanks - will do ...

> If they don't limit and you do cpu expensive stuff, there might be
> similar trouble as on standard shared hosting.

Being a newbie, it's hard for me to guestimate if "running Moin"
counts as CPU-expensive and how important it will be to be able (have
rights on the server) to do the more optimal Apache mod_whatever
configs or Twisted etc.

Also, ist there any functions/macros/actions or 'way of setting up the
wiki' I should try to avoid in order to keep the CPU cool - I can't
seem to remember running in to Help/Info about such things.  I mean
things like: should or shouldn't I stuff all my pages with neat macros
and actions that generate allsorts of list (as oposed to a more static
system where I set up lists/indexes by hand).... (?)

Thanks again for all the usefull info/hints so far!

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