[Moin-user] I18N wordlists and memory usage

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Thu Oct 27 07:39:41 EDT 2005

>> If they don't limit and you do cpu expensive stuff, there might be
>> similar trouble as on standard shared hosting.
> Being a newbie, it's hard for me to guestimate if "running Moin"
> counts as CPU-expensive and how important it will be to be able (have
> rights on the server) to do the more optimal Apache mod_whatever
> configs or Twisted etc.

Whether moin is cpu intensive or not depends on what you do.

If you run a small wiki with not many page and not many visitors, your 
cpu will be rather bored.

If a some dozen of googlebots (or other bots) raid your wiki or some 
genius of a user thinks he must mirror the wiki with the usual 
inappropriate tools, your CPU can be at a quite high load.

Same for some extensions. I tried that "dot" graph stuff and some of it 
eats memory chips. The gdchart graphics stuff can also make some load, 
when abused.

CGI is the slowest way to run moin, but can be appropriate for small sites.

Everything else is faster, because moin code is persistently in memory.

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