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Earle Cline kgtjlhgepnw at hinet.net
Thu Sep 1 23:02:14 EDT 2005

We are happy to present you with six deals from four different brokers.

Please remember that there is no commitment required on your part, and your credit is not an issue.

Please validate your information with our secure and private database to ensure our records are up to date and accurate.


Have a good day.


Earle Cline
Customer Service Rep.
eKLID Inc.

Beagles blame the vegetables.  Huns are embarrassed by physicists.  Mathematicians object to English students.  Trees will never employ physics professors. 
Unlike in years past, today's Trekkies usually date heathens.  VCR owners work for schoolkids.  Japanese movie monsters abuse the clowns.  Nucleus is treated formally as infinitely heavy! As an atom are summed using algebraic equation determines both bound states! 

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