[Moin-user] Macros with Page Titles

Dr. Uwe Werner duaw at gmx.de
Fri Sep 9 15:55:34 EDT 2005

Hello everybody,

I use non-CamelCase a lot for nicer appearance, better readability of  
pages.  Unfortunately, it seems that some macros related to the Title  
of a page fail:
-- [[OrphanedPages]] reports existing pages missing when a link is  
disguised (btw: all pages created by Calendar)
-- [[WantedPages]] claims the page linked to with  
["Peters's_Internship"] is missing although it is there and the link  
-- clicking on the Title (a full search with ' linkto:"name-of-a- 
title" ' ) fails to show pages with links whenever the link is  

Particulary the last point is most annoying, depriving me of one of  
the most powerful features of the wiki.

Now the (obvious) QUESTION:  Is it possible to remedy that (mis-)  
behavior?  I use Moin 1.3.5 .  Is there something on the horizon for  
future versions?

BTW, I make use of [:name-of-a-page/optional-name-of-a-subpage:this- 
text-is-shown] to disguise links to pages, and ["name-of-the-page"]   
to insert links to arbitrarily named page.

Regards, uw.

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