[Moin-user] Moin-specific twikidraw.jar?

Garland, Tony Tony.Garland at fluke.com
Mon Sep 12 07:37:25 EDT 2005

I was able to obtain an updated twikidraw.jar file which included a modified
copy of StorableObject which strips out '\r' characters from the resulting
*.draw file. (You may recall that there is a problem trying to re-edit a
drawing when any of the text contains line feeds in it because the *.draw
file winds up with extraneous ^M codes embedded in it.)

The twikidraw.jar file was obtained from someone who I'm pretty sure is
using it with the twiki wiki (rather than MoinMoin) and it doesn't work
under MoinMoin. There seems to be a problem where the file name is not
understood by the jar file. When it writes out the drawing, the status
doesn't show any file name (just the suffixes) and no file shows up under
the attachments subdirectory for the page.

Does anyone know where I can obtain the java source files for the
twikidraw.jar version used in MoinMoin? Does the MoinMoin version contain
some modification which the original twikidraw.jar (from twiki.org) does not
-- which relates to handling the attachment file name?


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