[Moin-user] select language

Tomasz Grobelny tomasz at grobelny.oswiecenia.net
Sun Sep 18 14:58:07 EDT 2005

Dnia niedziela 18 września 2005 21:52, Nir Soffer napisał:
> On 18 Sep, 2005, at 22:40, Tomasz Grobelny wrote:
> > How do I force moinmoin to use selected language? I set both
> > default_lang =
> > 'pl' in config file and appropriate language in user preferences but
> > still in
> > the menu UserPreferences are used instead of Polish translation
> > PreferencjeUżytkownika. Same happens for MissingPage and other system
> > pages.
> > Moinmoin version 1.3.5. TIA
> Maybe you forgot to restart the web server 
After changing configuration file refreshing page was enough.

> or moin server after changing the configuration?
What is a moin server? 

What came to my mind: how does moinmoin know that PreferencjeUżytkownika is 
equivalent to UserPreferences? Is it written on any special page?
What I noticed: the translation seems to work fine for German. What's wrong 
with Polish translation?
Tomasz Grobelny

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