[Moin-user] reference ot external file possible?

Markus Liebelt markus.liebelt at online.de
Thu Sep 29 00:46:43 EDT 2005

Hello all together,

I have searched the list for some information on my topic, but found no answer yet. So I send this email, perhaps someone has a tip or even a solution for me.

I want to get something doing this:
- I have a setup where the MoinMoin Desktop Edition will be installed on a DVD. It is a knowledge repository that may be easily installed on every desktop.
- Together with the wiki come a lot of ressources which are handled external to the wiki. There are some reasons for to do that, but just believe me, that is necessary.
- There should be a way to link the external ressources inside the wiki. When I use a link like file:///d:/some/stupid/file.exe, it is displayed in the browser, but the browser does not open it for security reasons.

What I would like to get is the following:
1. Expand the configuration to allow for a variable that denotes the root of the external ressources file system.
2. Write a macro or action, that takes the value of the variable, the relative path to a ressource, and provides that ressource as a http ressource to the browser.

I know that are two different questions, but I need answers for both of them to get my solution working. If anyone could point me to some example that does similar things, I will dive again into python (last wrote something in python now 8 years ago) and implement that solution (of cource, with providing it to the community :-)).

I hope there is a kind soul somewhere out there to help me


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