[Moin-user] Post 1.5.3 new style migration

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Mon Apr 3 00:57:01 EDT 2006

> sudo -u www-data moin --config-dir=/path/to/config_dir 
> --wiki-url=wiki.example.org/ migration data
> 1. Do I have to make a sudo entry? think so.

Yes, you should be able to use sudo for running this "as is".

The reason why it uses sudo is that it works as user "www-data" so that 
permissions of files are correct (assuming that the wiki normally uses 
www-data, too).

Of course you also can run it as root or even as any normal user if you 
make sure that the migration scripts can read and write everything they 
need and also after the migration, the wiki must be able to read and 
write all it needs.

> 2. What do you mean with wiki-url? My testwiki is reachable on 
> "". But it doesn't work.

I need more details, not just "doesn't work". wiki-url is fed to the 
request object in a similar way as when it gets a request via a web 
server. host/path (try with a / at the end, too) is correct, you must 
not use http: at the beginning.

> 3. Is migration a cmd line option?
 > 4. Is data a cmd line option or the path to my data dir?

Both "migration data" must be given as shown, they are both fixed 
cmdline arguments specifying what to do ("please migrate my data"). See 

It finds the data_dir using your url and config dir by looking into the 
config (as it does when normally processing requests).

> I am using MoinMoin now for 2 years and my simple apache install works. But I 
> agree with many people on the list in the last 3 month if they complain about 
> upgrading docs. The docs for upgrading is not detailed enough.

Please supply a patch improving it.

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