[Moin-user] Question; path to Moin pages not being processed correctly.

Kenneth McDonald kenneth.m.mcdonald at sbcglobal.net
Thu Apr 6 13:49:04 EDT 2006

In my Apache DocumentRoot is set to /home/site/home/pages. Within that, 
my moin.cgi file (renamed) is in cgi-bin/home.cgi. You can see this at .

This does get through correctly to the Moin software, but it gives an 
incorrect path to the desired data page. For example, if you attempt to 
create and edit the page referrred to by the above, you'll end up trying 
to edit cgi-bin/home.cgi/cgi-bin/home.cgi .

I believe my setup is basically correct. In home.cgi I have

            sys.path.insert(0, '/wikis/zbrushinfo')

And within that directory I have the files

    data  underlay  wikiconfig.py  wikiconfig.py~  wikiconfig.pyc

where wikiconfig.py contains (many things edited out):

class Config(DefaultConfig):
    # a) if most wiki content is in a single language
    page_front_page = u"MyStartingPage"
    interwikiname = 'ZBrushInfo'

    # Where your mutable wiki pages are. You want to make regular
    # backups of this directory.
    data_dir = '/wikis/zbrushinfo/data/'

    # Where read-only system and help page are. You might want to share
    # this directory between several wikis. When you update MoinMoin,
    # you can safely replace the underlay directory with a new one. This
    # directory is part of MoinMoin distribution, you don't have to
    # backup it.
    data_underlay_dir = '/wikis/zbrushinfo/underlay/'

    # This must be '/wiki' for twisted and standalone. For CGI, it should
    # match your Apache Alias setting.
    url_prefix = '/htdocs'

I simply can't see anything in here that would cause this very odd 
problem. Any ideas? Is this likely to be an Apache weird setting thing?


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