[Moin-user] DesktopEdition Questions

Uriel Avalos amscopub-pcshop at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 10 12:48:03 EDT 2006

Hello All. I'm currently using Desktop Edition 1.5.2-1 for windows.
However, I've noticed that several features are not working. Have these 
been disabled from the Desktop Edition?

(1) user accounts---I create an account, but then logging in doesn't 
seem to work.
(2) search---I create a page, but then title search comes up with 0 hits.
(3) categories---am I using categories correctly? I create a page with a 
"CategoryAlgebra" link at the bottom, then edit the "CategoryAlgebra" 
page, but then the list all pages within a category macro gives no pages.


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